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Treble Cone

Treble Cone (TC) is the primary flying site in Wanaka and the best site within the Southern Club area for cross country flying (XC).

It is also a popular foot launch speed flying site, but there are hidden dangers when flying close to the terrain and in particular conditions.
Cross country pilots like the relative lack of airspace restrictions (compared to Queenstown).
I do like flying over the waterfalls ;)

TC is behind a locked gate in summer.
You'll need to contact one of the local Southern Club members to get the number of the combination padlock.
Since you want to have a good site introduction, you'll be talking to them anyway :)
Please leave the gate as you find it.

Check the Visual Flying Guide (VFG), but until you start heading towards Wanaka, there isn't much airspace to deal with.

Take off
The primary takeoff is Pub Corner.

There aren't too many landing issues at TC. 
The usual XC style stuff applies.
Be polite and courteous to any landowner you may have contact with.
Don't land in any fields with livestock in or crop growing.  Some fields have deer and stags in which can be dangerous.

The primary landing area at TC is just beside the road up the mountain.
It slopes gradually away from the mountain which won't be obvious from the air.
(This is especially relevant to hang glider pilots)
The prickly stuff on the side is very prickly. You do not want to land in that stuff (it HURTS). You don't even want your canopy to land in that stuff (rip,tangle).