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Skyline Gondola (G756)

Notice: Special Permit
The skyline gondola flying site is once again open!... but only by MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), a special permit. 
(A big thanks to the efforts of so many that helped make this happen).

The procedures can be referenced Here

We now have a pager/permit system in place that allows us to fly there again.
There is some paperwork and red tape to accomplish, but we've tried to make it as painless as possible.
Do note however, this MUST be done before flying the gondola.
It is illegal to fly there without the special authorization training.
This is an exceptionally sensitive site that we can not risk losing (again).
Thank you for helping us to keep it open.

I'll put up some more details when I have them, but you can pop over to our Facebook page to get in touch with the people that can help you in the mean time.

Much of the following is covered in the official briefing, but this will give you a quick overview of the site.

Please don't fly close to the Skyline buildings, Luge or Gondola cables. 
By close, they mean 200 meters.
Remember, the Skyline managers office is up there... so, yes... someone is always watching.

As always, get a good site introduction.
"The Southerly" can kick in at the Gondola rather quickly. Keep an eye on Wakitipu for whitecaps and wind lines.
It's easy to avoid if you know what to look for. You do have to know to look.
Westerlies and Northerlies can swirl around and "blow in" on takeoff hiding the undesirable flying conditions.
When in doubt, ask the G-Force boys. They fly that site all day on flyable days.  If they are not flying tandems, ask yourself why not,  it's usually weather or relating to the conditions. 

Take off
Please don't use the G-Force takeoff.
They've gone through a whole heap of politics and money for that site.
The solo takeoffs are a short hike up the hill. 
Again, do not fly here without first doing the training and paperwork.
This is an exceptionally sensitive site.

Only G-Force (comecial tandems) land at the Primary School.
Recreational pilots land mainly at the Recreational (Rec) Ground on the rugby field, but sometimes also at the high school.

It is not ok to land at the Primary School even if G-Force is not busy.
G-Force pays to land there. They are the only ones allowed to.

One would think this to be obvious, but please don't land in the Rec Ground when there is a game of rugby being played.
People have actually done this and it's a bit silly. 
They're not impressed and it greatly jeopardizes our wonderful flying site.

A few simple rules and we get to have loads of fun right in town!
BTW, when in doubt, ask the G-Force boys.
They'll point you in the right direction... it's in their best interest after all.

Remember to switch from 'air' to 'ground' on the website after your flight and to turn your pager off. 
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