Weather overview by Jim Rooney

The Crown Terrace is our westerly site.
My favourite pet name for it is the Crown Terrors.

In the right weather, it's almost a coastal site. When it's good... it's really good.
It's a lovely lovely site, until it's not.
When the terrace goes bad, it goes bad big and fast.
If it goes bad in just the wrong wind direction, it turns into a washing machine.

One of my favourite tricks at the Terrace is if conditions change a bit, I topland and watch for a minute. If it was "nothing", I takeoff again.

Something that's often missed about the terrace is that it's a wicked thermalling site.
Sure, we go there most when it's ridge soarable, but it's a West facing hill... it soaks up a lot of sun.
It works particularly well this way in the Spring and Fall.