Coronet tends to be Southwest in summer and North in winter.

In summer, it can be a bit deceptive and there's two common trends to watch for.
"The Southerly" and the "NorWester"

The NorWester
This one can really bite you.
The "NorWest Switch" can be rather violent.
Coronet is a windshadowed mountain in a NorthWest flow. Especially for us since we fly from 1/3 of the way down and not the Peak (in summer).

We just have to keep an eye out if our happy little sheltered bubble is in danger of popping.
Not all NW days bring the switch.
We quite often fly happily all day long under a high level NW wind.

A NW tends to descend on us. So it's important to keep an eye out for the windsocks on the ridgeline. Having a chat with any of the tandem companies is a very good idea as well. A quick "hey man, how's the air been?" can save you a lot of stress.

An indecisive windsock on a strong upper level NW day is not a good sign. It can often mean you're in the "mixing layer"... the transition between sheltered and smacked. This is especially true if you're getting some strongish down cycles.

An other big red flag on these days is dust devils on takeoff.
They're leeside thermals and are extremely common right before things switch.

The Southerly
The Southerly is a mix of a high level southerly flow and the seabreeze effect off of lake Wakatipu.
When the two get together, things get interesting.
If the southerly doesn't come in too strong, Coronet goes "magic" and you can ridge soar till your heart's content.
But if it comes in strong, it can get kinda ugly.

Being part seabreeze, a strong southerly will ramp up in Flight Park before you feel it on takeoff.
This is a bit opposite to what people are used to, so it catches people out from time to time.
It can at times be better to topland, though if it's strong on top, attempting to do so puts you in a bad spot.

Watch the lakes for whitecaps.
You can't always see the whitecapping, but it will change the colour of the lakes (a bit lighter).
The airport and gondola will blow out first in a southerly.

Other weather of note...
As a Westerly takes effect, it often causes an "Easterly Suck". This can sometimes stop you from making it to Flight Park from CarPark. Rocky Gully can be a better option in this case.