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Coronet Peak (G755)

Coronet Peak is the main flying site in Queenstown.
In the summer, the primary takeoffs are the ski field carpark and the bottom of the Rocky Gully chair lift.
In the winter, the primary takeoffs are the top of the main chairlift and the top of the Greengates chair lift. 

Below are some details of the airspace around Coronet.
There is a General Aviation "box" cut out for us around Coronet. 
The ceiling is 5500ft AMSL.
This is true for the entire box within the Queenstown Tower Control Zone.
(It used to go higher behind the peak, but no longer.)
Of course, this is just a guide... please consult the Visual Flying Guide (VFG).
The primary takeoffs in summer are the ski field car park and the bottom of the Rocky Gully chair lift.
In winter, we use the top of the M1 chairlift and the top of the Greengates lift.

The primary landing field is Flight Park.
Be aware that nearly all of the fields at the base of Coronet are not welcome to land in.

Flight Park
We are quit simply spoiled.
There is a landing fee box right next to our most lovely cafe. 
You can pay per flight or get one of the many passes (day/week/season).

There aren't any set "rules" about landing ops at Flight Park, but there is some order in the chaos...

The "High Traffic Area" is where everyone likes to land.
There's a lot going on, especially hang gliders landing at a very high rate of speed, so it's probably not the best place to pack up. It's good to keep an eye out if you're in this area.

The training areas similarly can have quite a bit of activity. Keep this in mind when landing... they're students after all ;)

The blue bit is where the tandem pilots like to pack up because it's where their vans pick them up.
Packing up over by the cafe just keeps everyone on better terms.

Please be kind to our neighbours and avoid flying over their houses.
They get a little tired of hearing "woo-hoo" all day, so even seeing a solo glider directly overhead puts them off a bit.

Some Photos from the flying site


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